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Collect evidence that your business meets the audit criteria

During your application, we will ask you to submit written evidence that your company meets the four points of ethics that we expect from every vegan business.

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Submit your application & pay your application fee

After submitting your written evidence, you will then be asked to pay the one-off registration fee of £250 and set up your monthly £10 subscription. There is no annual renewal fee.

If your written evidence doesn't show that you meet the standards, then we will ask for more information or refund your application fee.

Download your certificate & badge

Once successful, you will receive your Certified Vegan Business certificate and unique registration number that customers can use to verify your certification.

You’ll also receive a link to download the Certified Vegan Business Trademark for you to display on your marketing, packaging or website.

Our 4-point code of ethics your company needs to meet

The easiest place to start is to ask if you are vegan yourself? And if so, do you apply those same ethics to how you do business?

You only sell vegan products, or provide services that do not cause harm to animals.

This might seem obvious, but to register with the Certified Vegan Business Trademark your company must not sell any animal products (including insect-derived products) or your business services must not cause harm to animals.


Examples: A cafe that has a vegan menu but still offers animal milk, or a beauty company that includes honey in one of their products can not register. A marketing agency that helps promote animal products could not register.

You buy vegan products as a company, as far as is practical and possible.

We understand that we don’t live in a fully vegan world yet, but a vegan company will strive to make sure that they choose vegan products in their business wherever that is a possibility. Looking for products that display The Vegan Society Vegan Trademark is a great place to start. This also includes the food and refreshments that a company buys for events and entertainment.


Examples: Your company buys vegan-friendly cleaning products. If you are entertaining clients or running events, you do not pay for animal-based refreshments. If you have non-vegan employees, then your company doesn’t pay for animal milk for the company fridge (if they bring in their own, that is their choice).

You strive to use other vegan businesses as your suppliers where possible.

Being a vegan company means supporting the vegan business scene whenever you are able. Using other vegan companies not only gives you an ethical supplier who is aligned with your mission, it helps other vegan businesses grow too.


Examples: You actively invite vegan business to pitch for work alongside other suppliers. You spend time developing relationships with other vegan businesses or look for vegan venues for your events.

Your business actively supports or promotes the vegan cause.

Not every vegan business is overtly vegan (many may not even promote the fact to their customers) but every vegan business should aim to start more people on their vegan journey. Some do this naturally through their everyday operations (for example if you sell goods with a vegan slogan on or produce a vegan alternative product) and others may do this through supporting events and organisations who promote veganism.


Examples: Your business might promote Veganuary or include vegan-positive information with your products. You might support vegan educational charities or sponsor events. There are many ways to promote veganism both in your own way, and in a way appropriate to your business!

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