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Below you will be asked to submit your evidence that your company meets our four audit criteria. You will be asked to submit a short written statement for each. If your evidence doesn’t show that you meet the audit criteria, then we will ask for more information or refund your application fee. 


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1. You only sell vegan products, or provide services that do not cause harm to animals.

Your statement: Your statement should confirm that you understand what are and are not vegan products, and that your company does not sell any animal products of any type (including wool, honey, leather, shellac, dairy products or products that include any other animal or insect derived ingredients). If you offer a service, you should confirm that your service does not support or cause any harm to animals.

2. You buy vegan products as a company, as far as is practical and possible.

Your statement: Your statement should outline what work you have done to identify and replace non-vegan products in your business, such as cleaning products, printing inks or the products you use to deliver your business. We understand that finding practical replacements can be an ongoing journey, so if you are still working to find replacements please outline your ongoing plan to do this. You should also confirm that your business does not pay for non-vegan food or refreshments for staff, corporate events or entertaining customers.

3. You strive to use other vegan businesses as your suppliers where possible.

Your statement: Your statement should outline what efforts your company has taken to use other vegan businesses, either in your supply chain or as service providers to your business. If you haven’t yet used other vegan businesses as suppliers, then please outline what steps you are proactively taking to develop relationships with other vegan businesses. This can include venues for events as well as business service providers and suppliers.

4. Your business actively supports or promotes the vegan cause.

Your statement: Your statement should detail what work your business does to actively support or promote the vegan cause. We understand that not every vegan-run business advertises itself as a ‘vegan’ business meaning it may not be appropriate to directly promote veganism to your customers, and in this case you should explain how else your business supports or promotes the vegan cause. Note that if your company actively produces or sells a vegan alternative to an animal product, or if you produce products that carry a vegan-positive message, then this also counts as your way of supporting the vegan cause. 

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