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We ask that at least one of the business owners, founders or someone with significant control or influence of the business is vegan themselves. This ensures there is the motivation for the business to adhere to the code of ethics required by the certification. If a certified business changes ownership to non-vegan owners we require the company to inform us.

Any type of business can apply as long as your company is run on vegan ethics – from cafes and beauty parlours, to business service providers, social media influencers and coaches. You don’t even have to publicly declare that you are a vegan business but still run your business on vegan ethics!

Of course, but we encourage you to engage with your staff about the certification and why it’s important for you to be a vegan business. Your company must also not pay for any non-vegan products for your staff (for example not buying animal milk for the company fridge, even if staff choose to bring in their own).

A business cannot register as a Certified Vegan Business if it sells any product that contains animal ingredients, including honey, wool or insect-derived ingredients such as shellac. A service-based business cannot register if those services are directly used to help promote or support animal products or animal cruelty. Please see our full guidelines for more examples.

You can be self-employed and still register as a Certified Vegan Business. Institutes, societies, charities and other types of organisations can also apply.

Product certification such as The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark proves to a customer that the product they are buying does not contain animal products or has been tested on animals. However, many plant-based products are made by non-vegan companies, so the customer’s money can still be funding products or business practices that go against their ethics. 


Certifying your business as vegan means that your customers know that you share their ethics and mission as a company, and that by supporting you they are supporting a genuine vegan business.

Not at all. The majority of vegan businesses sell to non-vegans, in fact many find this is their biggest marketplace. Many people view a company or supplier stating they are vegan as a positive, believing that the that company is showing they are ethical and committed to environmental sustainability.

You provide the evidence for your certification in four written statements as part of your application. If we have further questions or need more clarification we will contact you shortly after your application.

Once registered, you will receive the Certified Vegan Business trademark which includes a registration number unique to you. You can display this on your website, on your packaging, on your social media or at your premises. You will also receive your certificate as a PDF that you can print out and display.

Yes! You can check against our certification criteria first and then if you have any questions, just email for more information!

You pay your registration fee at the same time you submit your evidence. If we have any questions we will contact you for more information. If you do not meet the criteria, we will first explore what changes you can make in your business so that you do, or refund your application fee in full if you cannot.

The Certified Vegan Business trademark is a global certification and the criteria is the same no matter what country the business operates in. We are currently working with agents to represent us in a number of territories as our global recognition grows! If you would like to represent us in your country please contact us.

If a company suspects a business displaying the Certified Vegan Business trademark is not following the codes of ethics, they can report their concerns back to us to  investigate. Each company is issued a unique registration number that they are required to display alongside their trademark. In 2024 we will be launching a public directory where customers will be able to use this number to check a company’s live certification status.


If a company is found to not be following the code of ethics, their certified status will be revoked and they will not be permitted to continue using the trademark.

The Certified Vegan Business trademark is run by Vegan Business Tribe which is an organisation and membership community supporting vegan businesses around the world. The fees from the Certified Vegan Business trademark go back into the work we do in championing the vegan business scene and supporting vegan companies move the vegan cause forwards.

Yes! You might want to check out our sister site Vegan Business Tribe which offers direct help and support to vegan businesses. or email for more information on ensuring you run a business on vegan ethics.

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