Case Study:

Vegan Muscle Gym Wear

Mel & Steve want to show the world that Vegan Muscle Gym Wear is not just about the physical strength you can have being vegan but to show the world that vegans have strength of heart.

What makes Vegan Muscle a Vegan company?

Our whole business was born from animal rights and is focused on promoting being vegan. That’s why we have pro-vegan messages on our clothing, such as ‘The strong protect the weak’ and ‘compassion is strength’.


Our aim is to promote veganism in an environment like a gym that is typically conditioned to ‘bro science. Our clothes stir-up conversations and create change and our customers love being able to represent vegans as healthy, fit and strong – showing people that being vegan takes nothing away from us but makes a dramatic impact for the animals.


We make sure all our products and processes used are all 100% vegan. This means not only making sure our materials are vegan (such as the fibres used in our material blends, inks, labels, glues used in packaging etc) but also the process. For example silk screen printing is done using alternatives to silk, making sure aluminium plates are used instead. We also make sure all our packaging is printed with soy inks and the glues used are all 100% vegan. 


We use our social media platforms to promote veganism as well as our YouTube channel where we do animal rights activism. We also do public talking, where we continually disappoint people who attend our talks because they think we are going to talk about the health side of a vegan diet. Only to find out that we are there solely to try and achieve animal rights, to wake people up to going vegan and to encourage vegans that they need to be active in being part of the solution for the animals and how they could do activism and become an activist themselves.

Want to show your customers you are a Certified Vegan Business?

With so many non-vegan companies now selling plant-based products or offering ‘vegan’ services, it’s never been more important to be able to show your customers that you are a genuine vegan business. 

The Certified Vegan Business scheme is the way to prove that your company is run on vegan ethics and puts the vegan cause at the heart of your business, by auditing your business against four codes of ethics.