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Humane Wildlife Solutions

The award winning Humane Wildlife Solutions is a 100% humane, vegan, non-lethal and ethical alternative to pest control.

What makes Humane Wildlife Solutions a Vegan company?

Humane Wildlife Solutions offer our customers a service where we overcome wildlife conflict on properties, both domestic and commercial. We do this by repelling and deterring rather than the current methods offered by pest control services of trapping and killing. We believe we can all live side by side, humans and wildlife. If there is no conflict then we will help you overcome this by using humane methods only.


We are a fully vegan business and all our services revolve around working with wildlife conflict. We approach every job with our vegan ethics in mind and never harm any wildlife. This extends to every job we do so it covers all mammals, birds, and insects. No matter the species with never harm any of them.


When we need to buy business services, we have always reached out to other vegan businesses, for example our uniforms, our design and artwork. Any events we run always include 100% vegan food and we even choose vegan places to eat out when away on work trips – it helps that we have a lot of vegan business clients!


We proudly shout about being vegan, attending as many vegan festivals as we can every year across Scotland and telling the media in interviews that we are a vegan business. We recently had another article published about our work in the Vegan Society Magazine proudly telling people about our work and vegan credentials. Our best vegan activism comes from contact with our clients, talking to them about veganism and why we are a vegan business. This happens a lot as around 70% of our clients are not vegan!

Want to show your customers you are a Certified Vegan Business?

With so many non-vegan companies now selling plant-based products or offering ‘vegan’ services, it’s never been more important to be able to show your customers that you are a genuine vegan business. 

The Certified Vegan Business scheme is the way to prove that your company is run on vegan ethics and puts the vegan cause at the heart of your business, by auditing your business against four codes of ethics.