Show you are a genuine vegan business

What makes a vegan business?

Read case studies of some of our featured Certified Vegan Business trademark holders:

What does it mean to be certified?

Companies that display the Certified Vegan Business Trademark have been audited on four codes of ethics that show they put the vegan cause at the heart of their business.

What kind of businesses can apply

Any type of business can apply (from cafes and beauty parlours, to business services, influencers and coaches) as long as your business is run on vegan ethics - even if all your employees are not vegan.

What is the cost of certification?

Businesses pay a one-off £250 registration and then £10 a month for as long as you want to remain certified. There are no yearly renewal fees.

Why certify a business as vegan?

With so many non-vegan companies now selling plant-based products or offering ‘vegan’ services, it’s never been more important to be able to show your customers that you are a genuine vegan business. The new Certified Vegan Business from Vegan Business Tribe scheme is the way to prove that your company is run on vegan ethics and puts the vegan cause at the heart of your business.

Just because a company produces a plant-based product or service, it doesn’t mean that company is vegan.

Many of the biggest plant-based brands also produce animal-based products or don’t run their business on vegan ethics. This means that customers’ money can also fund things they are ethically opposed to. Applying for certification with the Certified Vegan Business Trademark proves this isn’t the case with your business.

Most vegans prefer to buy from a vegan business if they have the option

From fitness coaches to financial advisors, research shows that vegans like to buy from other vegans if they have the option. Being a Certified Vegan Business shows your customers that you share their ethics and are working to create the same world that they want to see.

Many non-vegans also prefer to buy from vegan businesses

Many people who don't identify as vegan still prefer to choose vegan options and support vegan businesses, viewing veganism as being environmentally conscious and ethical. Customers and businesses are actively looking for suppliers that operate to a higher ethical standards, and becoming certified shows that you go beyond just having a vegan product or service.

It actively promotes the vegan cause and makes vegan businesses more visible

Not every vegan company shouts about being vegan, but displaying the Certified Vegan Business Trademark normalises the idea of businesses being run on vegan ethics. Make your business your activism.

Who runs the Certified Vegan Business scheme?

The Certified Vegan Business Trademark is the certification arm of Vegan Business Tribe, a support community of hundreds of vegan business owners across the globe. 


Vegan Business Tribe was founded in 2020 by two vegan entrepreneurs and vegan industry experts, who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them deliver better vegan products and succeed in the vegan and plant-based industry. 


The money raised through the certification goes back into supporting vegan businesses to become more successful and actively championing the vegan business scene and 


This is our activism. 200 million land animals are killed every day, needlessly. When you have a vegan business, lives are literally at stake.